How to Create a Referral Promotion

Everything You Need To Know in 27mins | taught by Bree Nakatani

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Completion Time: 27mins

This course will give you a comprehensive overview of how to set up a Referral Promotion & how to manage it.

The Referral Promotion lets you reward participants for sharing your campaign.

How it works: Set a referral goal, everyone that enters your referral promotion gets a unique referral link. Participants share that link with their friends, whoever enters your campaign through their link gains them referral points, which are tracked in the backend. Its a great way to keep track of who refers the most people and who reaches your referral goal, so that you can reward those who are performing the best.

Learn how to create a Referral Promotion and get started on making your own today.

Bree Nakatani
Bree Nakatani

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How to Create & Manage It
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